Image Credit: Professional Ski Race Training

Professional Ski Race Training

Kandahar Racing is all about providing a professional, structured and developmental ski race training environment that encourages trainees to become great all-round snowsports athletes as well as simply great ski racers.  It is first necessary to become a complete skier capable of doing anything on a set of skis before one can ever contemplate succeeding as a top racer!


Our ski race training programmes are focused on Alpine racing, however to enhance the skills, drills, technique, gate and speed training we do there is also a strong cross-training emphasis that involves a multitude of other snowsports disciplines including Ski Cross, Telemark, Park & Pipe, All-Mountain Freeride and Nordic.  This helps us produce versatile racers, it keeps them fresh, keeps them interested and encourages a passion for snowsports which in the long run creates athletes who are fully committed to ski racing – for the love of the sport.  These are the athletes who will maintain the motivation to push on to the highest echelons of our sport.


We have one of the UK’s most professional school holidays based ski race training programmes available.  It is designed to allow trainees to achieve their sporting ambitions without sacrificing their academic ambitions.  Trainees have the opportunity to attend up to 10 weeks of on snow training time during the school holidays which is more than enough to set them on the right track for success in the early stages of their careers.  Our school holidays based programme is also supplemented by a limited term time programme with academic support in advance on the English and British Championships in order to ensure our most committed trainees are fully prepared for the biggest races of the season.


Our coaching team provides consistency to the training programme which allows us to develop and build upon improvements our trainees make from camp to camp.  The annual training programme itself is carefully designed to build upon skills throughout the year and develop at the right pace with training camps available on every month of the year.  The glacier training locations and snowdomes we utilise from May until December ensure the very best out of season snow conditions, weather conditions and facilities. Training then continues during the winter in race locations, enabling our athletes to train on the race pistes they will subsequently race on.  The various championships we attend ensure our trainees are given every opportunity to perform and achieve their goals.


We are gradually building our Ski Cross programme which will be run in tandem with our existing Alpine programme.  Both disciplines complement each other – without a strong Alpine background it’s not possible to succeed at Ski Cross, similarly exposure to Ski Cross can provide great benefits to the Alpine racer.  In future years we aim to add specific programmes for more disciplines.  We’re on the road to creating a community of competitive snowsports athletes who have a love for the sport, team spirit, shared heritage and pride in Kandahar Racing.

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