Please use the links below to access PDF’s of all documents relating to the governance of Kandahar Racing and snowsport in general.

Kandahar Racing – Terms & Conditions
Kandahar Racing – Athletes Code of Conduct
Kandahar Racing – Medical Consent Form
Kandahar Racing – Travel Consent Form
Kandahar Racing – Photographic Opt Out Form
Kandahar Racing – Accident Report Form
Kandahar Racing – Incident Report Form
Kandahar Racing – Risk Assessment


BSS Child Safeguarding Policy & Procedures
SSE Safeguarding Policy ‘Snow Safe’
BSS Alpine Selection Policies 2015-16


BSS British Competition Rules – Snow
BSS British Competition Rules – Artificial
BSS Equipment Rules
FIS International Competition Rules
FIS Skiers Code of Conduct
FIS Skiers Code of Conduct for Children
UK Anti-Doping Rules